Black Swan

Artsy, crazy, but lacks a plot and or story. I only watched this film because I am a huge movie …Click here to continue.

The Company Men

Well I probably am one of the first to see this movie, because of the fact it has not come …Click here to continue.

My Oscar Predictions (2011)

Since Christmas is done I can now go back to talking about many different things,
at any random time. What better …Click here to continue.

TheRandomMind’s Christmas Payload 2010 (Part 2)

My newest and favorite camera ever, this is THE best camera I have ever gotten. This is also
my first Canon …Click here to continue.

TheRandomMind’s Christmas Payload 2010 (Part 1)

Great Payload this year probably one of the best.

This is the second top gift I got this year, my third …Click here to continue.

My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments

Heres a list of some of my favorite ornaments used on my Christmas Tree year after year.

One of my favorite, …Click here to continue.

Jingle All The Way (Movie Review)

This is my favorite Christmas movie ever. Now when I say say that I mean only for Christmas, this
movie is …Click here to continue.

SpongeBob Christmas Who?

In my opinion, this is the best Christmas TV Special ever. I also said this in my vlog.
This is the …Click here to continue.

Final Great Christmas Gift Idea (2010)

If you honestly guessed this correctly, than your a mind reader. I bet some of you thought
I was going to …Click here to continue.