Sunset Limited

I decided that my day off of school would consist of me watching a movie I have not
seen before so …Click here to continue.

Hall Pass

Very disappointing, from the commercials and the fact that there this movie started with
an H like (Hangover, and Hot Tub …Click here to continue.

I’m Back

Hey guys just wanted to inform you on why I havent made a post in a while. One my did …Click here to continue.

127 Hours

One of the best films all year. I hated Slumdog Millionaire, I know many critics would look
down on me for …Click here to continue.

My Oscar Nominations Reaction (2011)

Wow the Oscars really did take in to consideration a vast number of films from 2010,
that I thought wouldn’t even …Click here to continue.

TRM’s Big Move

Well I have been thinking about doing this for a while, as you probably know my life dream
is to become …Click here to continue.

True Grit

Ahh another satisfying Coen Brothers FIlm, a good western, and another great Matt
Damon film, even though he was not the …Click here to continue.

The Fighter

Let me tell you, way better than “Rocky”. I know what some of you are thinking, “how can you
call yourself …Click here to continue.

The King’s Speech

I am mad at myself because going in the movie theater I was thinking that I would not enjoy this …Click here to continue.

Happy Birthday Jeremy Renner

´╗┐Just wanted to give a quick birthday shout out to, my second favorite actor who is in two
of my favorite …Click here to continue.