E3 Impressions

Hello, my name is Ted and I will be writing about video games on this website. So I wanted to …Click here to continue.

The CinemaTologist Reviews #2: Se7en(Seven)

As I pointed out in my “Scarface” review, the Crime genre in film is not experimented with too much these …Click here to continue.

The Rental Reviewer #2: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


The film noir genre has been fading in Hollywood and being replaced with the Hollywood we’ve been forced to accept …Click here to continue.

Recent Re-Watch: Scarface(1983)


Hey, Everybody, my name is Jake, but I go by The CinemaTologist. You may be familiar with my YouTube Channel …Click here to continue.

X-Men First Class

This is exactly what the X-Men movie franchise needed, a kick in their ass, because thats exactly what this movie
did …Click here to continue.

The Rental Reviewer #1: Point Break

Usually I’m not the type of person who gets into viewing the work of Keanu Reeves, because he has such …Click here to continue.


From the director of Iron Man we now have Thor. The newest Marvel super hero movie
Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, …Click here to continue.

Sorry Guys! But I’m Back

Hey followers and subscribers, i know i havent updated in what seems to be forever, but
it’s finally that time. SUMMER! …Click here to continue.


Listen comedies for me lately since “The Hangover”, hasn’t been the same. “The Hangover” made me see what true
comedy is …Click here to continue.

Battle: Los Angeles

Another alien invasion movie what else can you possibly expect? Battle: Los ANgeles tells the story of a retiring army …Click here to continue.