Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This game originally came out on my birthday and i was going to get it but i had to wait
a …Click here to continue.

The Bourne Blu Ray Trilogy

The Bourne movie are my favorite action films. Now, for a while I had
my eyes on the blu ray copies …Click here to continue.

Crysis “Warhead”

Since I got my new gaming computer Ive been looking for good computer
 games to play. I wanted a good 1st person …Click here to continue.

The Strangers (Worst Horror Movie Ever)

I was bored and decided to watch T.V.  I decided to see what was on cinemax
and I’m a huge horror …Click here to continue.

My Birthday Presents

My Birthday was originally on 11/10/09 but i wanted to get all my gifts
before I started writing about my gifts …Click here to continue.

All Star Slashers

I shall now write about the all star slashers that consist of the best of the best of horror villains
and …Click here to continue.