Well it’s that time of the year, the time wear a year ago today we were all treated to the
teaser trailer to Interstellar. Nearly after a year of hype from across the board the film
is now in theaters for the general public.

For all those who are fans of Christopher Nolan, there cravings are now satisfied, all is
great in the world of the almighty Christopher Nolan. Well as a appreciator but necessarily
a so called fan of Christopher Nolan I’m here to show my honest opinion of this newest
Sci Fi exploration film.

As I said i’m not a fan of Christopher Nolan, while i recognize him as a very talented
director i find him extremely overrated. Yes, Nolan has made some great films including
The Dark Knight, Memento, and The Prestige. However, I feel recent films including Batman Begins,
The Dark Knight Rises,
and Inception which are viewed as masterpieces, are in reality viewed by fans through the
theoretical Nolan beer goggles which refuses them from seeing the overall flaws
or reasonings as to why these films are just not that spectacular, which unfortunately is
the category Interstellar falls under.


The visual effects, the atmosphere, ALL the technical aspects of this film are amazing.
I understand the amount of effort put in this film, more than most of the crap
we are usually given at the theaters during summer blockbuster season. The movie
is beautifully shot, has amazing set designs, and just a quality that we aren’t usually
treated to when going to the theaters to see a film.

So why oh why am I so down on this film, I’m NOT. I really enjoyed my theater experience
with Interstellar. I believe its something I wont see again for a very long time in theater,
the overall filmgoing experience was a treat to watch. However what this film I believe
lacks that holds me back from liking it more than just a pretty good film is everything else
the film tries to offer.

The movie just falls flat and never seems to really pick itself up. In the beginning hour of
this 3 hour film, I was hooked. I was intrigued by the characters, the idea of the
world coming to an end and that we need to save it. It’s relatable, and inspiring
to think if that this were to ever happen, that brave people would go this extreme to save the planet.
I have a taste for survivalist  or post apocalyptic films.

Where the film begins to lose me is when everything begins to fall into unexplained scenarios
anomalies and plot twists.


(Spoilers Ahead)



The film takes place somewhere in the midwest of the United States, in the near future where
Earth is dying. Food is becoming scarce and resources are beginning to run low. This is mainly due
to the dust storms that seem to now ravage the Earth and ruin all the crops we have to offer.
Mccounaghey’s character, Cooper, is a former pilot who comes across a Morse Code coordinates
on the floor of his daughter Murph’s floor which leads him to the secret facility of NASA.
Which let me stop right there and say how far fetched this is. Not even the part of him
finding NASA’s facility, i thought that was great, but the way in which he
was able to find the facility was ridiculous. So your telling me by the random dust on your
daughter’s floor you somehow out of nowhere realize it’s a binary code at that it
represents a location coordinate, yeah I don’t think so.

After finding NASA, along with this movies overall fast paced, Michael Caine quickly
explains to Cooper how the world is dying. Without much of a struggle or argument
Mccounaghey decides almost instantly to leave everything behind for a wild shot in the
dark. Leaving his daughter and son behind to possibly save the planet. Now here I have
mixed reactions. While I understand the importance of saving Earth and how I do admire
the character of Cooper doing this in an act of bravery, I would have liked to have
seen more of struggle or decision making for the character rather than just a quick and simple,
“Okay I’m in.” It just seemed rushed, but thats almost throughout the whole film. The pacing has been
talked about allot with this movie and I am on the side of people who believe the filmed was
incorrectly paced, never giving us time to breath, react, or comprehend entirely
the importance of specific scenes.

Cooper is now in space and off to save the world, along with Anne Hathaway as Brand, and two expendable characters
that you realize will not make it at the end of the film as soon as we are introduced to them.
The characters begin to start spewing dialogue so extremely forced where I couldn’t believe
any of it. The characters turn into machines throwing out these lines of dialogue that people
just do not talk like in the world I live in. Which people could possibly argue, “well this film
is in a different reality of Earth,” which could very well be a good explanation for it but, with that
being said, watching a film like this dealing with saving the Earth in which I personally live on, I
would enjoy relatable characters. The characters begin to dive into theories of ghosts, the power of love, and
just an over explanations of science terms and equations that most moviegoers will not comprehend.
Honestly I was hoping for a scene like in The Wolf of Wall Street where Leonardo DiCaprio began
to explain the stock exchange but stops because no one really, in his terms, “gives a shit.”
That being said I do believe the film did it’s absolute best to explain to us how these blackholes, wormholes,
and exploration works that gives us viewers a somewhat understanding, I just wish they
could have done it in a more concise way.

My favorite concept of this film is the relativity side to it. I thought it was amazing and so interesting
how traveling through space causes time to advance years, months, or days into the future. Showing
what I believe to be the most powerful scenes in this film where our characters, after being gone for several years
view the messages of their much older relatives which showcases the best parts of Mccounaghey’s
performance where he sees Murph older and wiser now, essentially the same age he was when he left Earth.
It honestly made me sad and showed me the closest sense of relating to these characters.
i just keep thinking what if this was me and I experienced what these characters are going through,
it really pulled at my heart strings and really got me thinking about my personal life.

The film had amazing ideas and concepts that but I feel they were so underdeveloped. While yes they dive
into the theory of relativity, wormholes, and time being of the essence I feel the film just did
not use those concepts to their advantage. Instead we are given so many scenes dealing with the people of
Earth including the focus of Mccounaghey’s daughter Murph played by Jessica Chastain which I
just felt was so comical at times. Actually in general I feel the character of Murph from her childhood
days up until the end of the film where we see her as a very old woman are comical.
Maybe because I personally do not believe in ghosts, superstitions, or other dimensions is why
its hard for me to care at all about Murph’s theories of supernatural occurrences. Scenes showing
Murph essentially high on life when she figures out her father’s morse code, and randomly kissing
Topher Grace really put the nail in the coffin for me with this character.



Getting into the Morse Code, towards the end of the film Cooper now finds himself stuck in the fifth dimension,
the fifth dimension essentially being able to manipulate the past and being able to communicate
with his younger daughter. Reminding me allot of the film Donnie Darko in a sense. Where
we essentially set our own paths. While i admit it took me a couple viewings and YouTube videos
to fully understand Donnie Darko, the difference in me enjoying Donnie Darko a whole lot
more then Interstellar is that Donnie Darko had a flare to it, personality, and charm where I feel
Interstellar shows us a more depressing and overall negative view on the look of space travel. Also let me
also say that I realize Donnie Darko and Interstellar are completely different films I’m just expressing
the element of wormholes and our paths being set are somewhat similar. Adding this scenario
in Interstellar really took me out of it cause I felt I was watching a scene from a different movie,
not the one I have been sitting through for 2 hours straight. If the while movie dealt with mind bending
realities like the third act had I would have been fine. But to jump from one extreme to an even
higher extreme just seems so out of place.

The film essentially ends with Mccounaghey’s character sending his own morse code to the older
version of Murph while he is in the fifth dimension to save the planet. He Does this through a watch he gave her when he left Earth.
Older Murph notices the hand on the watch moving back and forth and then realizes again
out of nowhere like her father in the beginning of the film, it is a message spelling out exactly what to do to save the planet.
I found this extremely lazy. One because they never really explain why our characters are such geniuses,
that will pick up the most minuscule movements in their everyday lives and see it as a bigger and higher
meaning. It reminds me allot of religious freaks, and not in the good sense. People who grasp on to the most
smallest of small things and say its a sign from God or a higher being. For example, “OH MY GOD the fork dropped
from the dining room table honey, that must mean its a sign from God that shows me the meaning of life.”
Its just crazy talk.

Maybe that is what hold’s me back from liking this film. Theres a certain sense of believing
that you need to love this film. If you don’t believe in what is going on in the film it will be difficult to fully appreciate
the film. Unfortunately because of my own belief system, I just cant invest in this film.
I don’t believe in coincidences, ghosts, supernatural events or most of what the film dives into
when dealing with crossing dimensions.

On a small minor note I want to discuss the music in this film. Hans Zimmer is a fantastic composer
which amazes me because this is probably his worst score. While there are some great pieces, the
overture of this film however is extremely repetitive and very VERY loud. SO loud that some
scenes when the characters are trying to speak the music overpowered the actors so I couldn’t grasp
some of the words they were trying to get out which really irritated me but i not my main gripe with the film
just something I thought I should mention.

We are also given a cameo/guest appearance by my favorite actor of all time, Matt Damon.
Unfortunately even with his presence in the film, his character couldn’t save the film. In fact I would have rather
Damon stay away from this film entirely, because the character they gave Damon to play was not
directed correctly in my opinion or well thought out. Damon becomes this really perplexing villain that you can
see coming from a mile away, with his intentions never really explained. From what I could gather his
overtime in space causes him to go mad. So mad that he makes completely idiotic decisions just to move the movie
along rather then have actual legitimate reasoning as to why this character is acting the way he
is. Damon’s character was completely ruined and another wasted opportunity for
something exciting and interesting that ultimately becomes a plot device and not even a good
one at that.

So many plot developments, character decisions, and script changes are never fully explained
and leave us with very little to work with. These scenes diving in to altering the past, fifth dimensions, and
mind bending realties is something that yes, is fairly present in most Nolan films, with that I shouldn’t expect
anymore than this to be present, but with a film like Interstellar I expected differently. With a movie like
Interstellar I was hoping for a more relatable and a film that doesn’t reach so much like this film does.

Now I understand in Sci films especially along with most movies in general there is a certain
sense of just letting go of reality and not thinking about it to much. Meaning that of course many plots in Sci films
are not realistic and could never happen which I understand, but with a film like Interstellar
in which the way it was marketed, filmed, and the overall sense I felt that Nolan was trying
to create a realistic view on what it would be like if “this really happened,” the film just doesn’t work.
Where as Sci Films like The Matrix, where throughout the whole film you already know
none of this could happen, allows us to sit back relax and just enjoy the movie as a movie.
But with Interstellar going for its realistic tone and a sense of exploration, I expect more out of a film
like this.


Overall Views of The Film


I don’t hate this film, I really really don’t, I hate this idea however that Christopher Nolan can do no wrong.
Nolan in my opinion yes is quite talented and i respect him for being able to make such a spectacle of a film but
he isn’t perfect and i’m quite sick of hearing it. The script has to many instances of characters coincidences
unexplained circumstances and is just an overall mess.

Judging this film solely on its visual representation and not taking into account the actual story elements
and character choices is like meeting an extremely attractive woman with none of the personality that would help
you sustain an ongoing relationship, it just….doesn’t….work.

That being said I had a great theater experience with this film and theres enough going for it that kept
me entertained and able to enjoy my time watching it, but it is not perfect in the slightest.

I Give in Interstellar a 6/10 rating it is a Pretty good film but needed so much more work to make this
the awe inspiring film I had hope the film would actually be.



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