So anyone present on the east coast of the United States is in for a rude awakening
this week. Hurricane Sandy also known as the FRANKENSTORM is engulfing the
many states of New York, New Jersey, Florida, and many other of the state in the
east coast.

My family has lost power but thankfully to my father’s survival skills he has a
generator  so we have limited power. Right now we have our refrigerators powered,
along with our computers and televisions to keep us informed of what is going on.
I do indeed love how they described the storm which ties it into the Halloween
season.  However, because of the monumental storm we most likely wont have
a Halloween this year. I had a hard enough time trying to get candy at night
from people at 6:00 PM last year that makes me believe  that after this tremendous
storm, no one will give a crap about Halloween.

This will leave many young children, and hardcore trick or treaters with a
deficit of candy this year. Although maybe Mischief night will be intact because
because no one will care about eggs, shaving cream, and toilet paper everywhere
when there are trees, and destruction everywhere.

Stay safe everyone. :)

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