The 3ds in my opinion is one of the best handheld gaming systems ever made.
I was really shocked at how great it was. When the system first released. I thought it
was the most retarted thing to hit the shelves at any local gamestop. But after a whole month
of having this system I can tell you, THIS IS AWESOME.

People always complain of how all the old classic games on the original gameboys are  no longer available,
well now your problem is solved. The 3DS allows you to download old gameboy games on the system.
Just like playstation the credit system to purchase items on the 3DS is a imaginary wallet that you
buy cards at gamestop and redeem them on the system .

Besides that awesome feature, if you remember from past nintendo ds systems after you
are done playing a game the system would shut off automatically, and if you wanted to
switch the game it would turn off. NOW you can simply press the (Home) button to return to the main
menu switch your cartridge and continue with the DS still on.

The 3DS also has cameras on the front and back, even though they aren’t great in dark areas,
in lighter areas the create some decent photos.

But besides all the features, this system is great. New versions of older games like Ocarina of Time,
Star Fox and Kirby, new games like mario kart 7, and super mario land in 3d are all available on
this DS. This is by far the best version of the DS ever, i believe Nintendo dies not need to make another fucking
DSi, DSi large, although they will probably make another fucking version of a DS. This one is the one that is most worth
it. SO yeah buy a 3DS for christmas.

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