So theres no doubt in anyone’s mind that Citizen Kane is one of the biggest parts and or roles
that play in movie cinema. Citizen Kane is considered to be the best film ever created and or
conceived by man. WOuld I say that this movie is the best film ever created. To be quite honest
no, but i believe that this is one of the most original and creative films ever made, just not the best.

This movie from start to finish has almost every idea that can ever be put into a film. Citizen Kane features
comedy, drama, musical numbers, fourth wall jokes, panning, zooming, creative scenery
intriguing dialogue, nearly  everything that has been done in recent films, Citizen Kane packs it all in
one single film. The plot is very simple, that you can understand the plot simply by reading the title.
The movie follows the life story of Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper tycoon who becomes a millionaire.

This film was directed, co-written and starred Orsen Welles. Orsen did a very fantastic job at each of
the three responsibilities  that he had during the making of the film. Not many people can handle all
that pressure during the process of film making. The only other person I can recall of the top of my head
is Ben Affleck in making his latest film “The Town” where he too Acted, Wrote, and Directed the film.
Orsen Welles was nominated for each of the categories i stated but only won an oscar for the writing of
Citizen Kane.

Now while the movie is great, the film has it’s downfalls. The movie was made in the 1940’s so it’s
very hard to concentrate on this film, I found myself dosing off at certain points where the movie dragged.
This isn’t the type of film where you can just watch by yourself or with one other person, you need at least
a room of four. Now besides the dragging on at some points of the film, the rest of the film is great. I mean
as I said, for a movie just to pack in so many things and for the movie to still to turn out great, is really
the driving point of this film. I give this film a 9/10, it is definitely not for everyone, but for film buffs

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