Well this play as I said in my previous blog about the American Idiot Musical,
was the first play every introduced to me. Now I have seen it for the second time,
but it was even greater than before, because, Billie Joe Armstrong was in the cast this
time around.

It was unbelievable how close the seats were, I could practically reach out to give him
a high five or something. It was great to see my idol, and my inspiration in music only just
a few feet away from me. Unfortunately I could not receive his autograph due to the fact that,
all the other people around me were so obnoxious, all I wanted to do was get my Nimrod CD
signed by Billie, but people just kept on pushing and pushing. I was royally pissed with those
people, and upset that I was this close from meeting Billie Joe. Hopefully there can be
another chance at me getting the chance for  meeting Billie Joe some time in the future.

Usually my father is the one who comes up with surprise tickets for events, but, I have to thank my
mother this time, because she was the one who surprised me this time, so thanks mom. The play itself
was amazing, and Billie Joe was perfect for that role. The sad thing is he cannot remain in the show forever
due to the obligation of tours and the band. Now I’m not just saying he was good because he is my idol,
well it’s kind of that reason too but the main reason is because he was truly great in his acting skills,
so add that to his list of accomplishments. To finish off, it was yet again Fucking awesome.


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