Well it’s that time of the year, the time wear a year ago today we were all treated to the
teaser trailer to Interstellar. Nearly after a year of hype from across the board the film
is now in theaters for the general public.
For all those who are fans of Christopher Nolan, there cravings are now satisfied, all is
great in the world of the almighty Christopher Nolan. Well as a appreciator but …Click here to continue.

Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook is the newest dramatic comedy to soon hit theaters November 21st.
I fortunately was able to see this …Click here to continue.

THE FRANKENSTORM! (Hurricane Sandy)

So anyone present on the east coast of the United States is in for a rude awakening
this week. Hurricane Sandy also known …Click here to continue.

Why I’ve Been Gone

Well technically I really havent been gone but i just have been more focused on my youtube page rather
than my …Click here to continue.

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

I really had no intention of seeing Harold and Kumar but I caved in Saw it and loved it.
It is …Click here to continue.

Christmas Lights Are Up!

Well heres a post that will never get old. I f your a long time viewer you understand
each Christmas I do …Click here to continue.

Greatest Christmas Gift Idea #1 (2011)

The 3ds in my opinion is one of the best handheld gaming systems ever made.
I was really shocked at how …Click here to continue.

TheRandomMind’s Christmas Countdown 2011

Alright everyone it’s that time of the year again. YES it is DECEMBER 1st, the day where
TheRandomMind.com starts off the …Click here to continue.

Classic Movie Review #2: Citizen Kane

So theres no doubt in anyone’s mind that Citizen Kane is one of the biggest parts and or roles
that play …Click here to continue.

Classic Movie Reviews: Mr. Brooks

So while in Brooklyn I was handed over a butt load of DVD’s of classic films to watch to
understand film and …Click here to continue.

J Edgar Movie Review

Here is my week early review for the newest Clint Eastwood
Directed movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, J Edgar